(2nd in a series of workshops for understanding narcissistic victim abuse)

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Please Watch The Movie "Gaslight" With Ingrid Bergman To Accompany This Workshop

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Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse used by narcissists in order to instill in their victim’s an extreme sense of anxiety and confusion, to the point where they no longer trust their own memory, perception or judgment. The techniques used in “Gaslighting” by the narcissist are similar to those used in brainwashing, interrogation, and torture that have been used in psychological warfare by intelligence operative, law enforcement and other forces for decades. The intention is to, in a systematic way, target the victim’s mental equilibrium, self confidence, and self esteem so that they are no longer able to function in an independent way, giving the narcissist full control over the victim.

Benefit from my 25 years as a psychotherapist working with victims of narcissistic abuse

In this video recorded workshop you will learn:-

• What “Gaslighting” truly is.

• How “Narcissistic Puppet Masters” use gaslighting as a tool of    deceit and torture.

• Identify the “Three Tier Cycle” of narcissistic gaslighting.

• Learn how each of the 3 phases deliberately mentally abuses the    victim.

• Learn to recognize the “Gaslighting Effect” that happens over  time, and the plight on the victim.

• Learn the distinct traits that make one more susceptible to being  gaslighted.

• Do a group analysis of a case study together…for a fuller  understanding.

• Plus much more....

Facilitated By Christine Louis de Canonville                                                     (B.A. Hons; MIACP; MTCI; MPNLP, CMH; CHyp)

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Who is this workshop for...?

This Workshop has been designed for anyone dealing with the fallout of narcissistic abuse (i.e. victims, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, trainee counsellors, doctors, police, social workers etc.) and is suitable for anybody wishing to develop their knowledge and understanding of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and narcissistic victim abuse (NVS). The subject of gaslighting & narcissism is so compelling that you will not want to miss this workshop                

The Gaslighting Workshop aims:

For you to come to grips with narcissism and the “Gaslighting Tango” that is formed with the victim.

Gain insights into the “Gaslighting Effect” as a set of psychological manipulations

See how easily the victim becomes “hooked” and caught up in the alluring state of euphoria, unable to get out.

Understand why the victim becomes totally confused, and left “walking on eggshells”.

Know the importance of why the victim flees into a range of unconscious defense mechanisms.

Understand why the victim goes through a myriad of emotional and psychological states of mind.

Realize how a victim can lose their personal identity, and can no longer trust in their own judgment and reality.

Victims need trained therapists right NOW. Ensure you're a therapist who can respond.

You may even identify your own narcissistic wounds as the workshop unfolds.

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NEW BOOK    When Shame Begets Shame - How Narcissists Hurt & Shame their  Victims