This Website Is A Resource For Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse & Gaslighting 

By Psychotherapist Christine Louis de Canonville

Narcissistic Behavior is on the rise.

My aim as a therapist and as a person who has been on the receiving end of Narcissism, is to help as many people I can, understand what narcissism is, what it looks like, why it occurs, the effect it has on the narcissist’s victim and what you can do to protect yourself from these people and go on to have a rewarding, healthy relationship with yourself and the people around you. You will find a long list of articles I’ve written on all aspects of Narcissistic Behavior a little further down the page.

My name is Christine Louis de Canonville. I’m an accredited psychotherapist who’s worked with victims of narcissistic abuse for many years, both in my private practice and previously in a post traumatic unit within a Psychiatric Hospital.

From the office to the home, narcissists are everywhere; they can be parents, partners, friends, bosses, siblings. No one is safe. This form of abuse goes way beyond physical and psychological injury. It strikes at the very soul of the victim, leaving them wondering whether they are literally going mad.

I believe it is imperative for everyone to understand the relationship dynamics that exists between the narcissist and their victims, i.e. their need for entitlement, control, power, grandiosity and specialness.  Also, to understand how a narcissist uses seduction and manipulation to “hook” their victims into a dangerous liaison.

The information on this website is about different aspects of narcissistic behavior and narcissistic abuse for both victims and psychotherapists alike, and indeed, anybody who wants to know more about the subject.

Furthermore, many people who have experienced this form of abuse have left their comments and experiences on the blog to share with others. They, in effect, are the real experts whom we can all learn from.


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A Talk On Narcissistic Victim Syndrome

I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Annual Conference

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