When Shame Begets Shame Book Testimonials

Anyone who wants a real good and complete explanation and help in this area needs to read Christine’s books.

I have read everything there is out there, and spent literally 1000’s on books and in her second book “When Shame Begets Shame” I learned more than I had learned in many books written by many top people.

If you feel in anyway that this material will help you read them both. The second that I just mentioned, is one of the most complete there is.


This is very enlightening a very good read.


You changed my life with this book! I awoke to the knowledge I was being abused and equipped me on how to deal with! I tell everyone about it!


I will never tire of listening to this. It made more sense than I’d heard in a long time – once you understand what is meant by the term “co-narcissist”.

It breaks my heart that so many people are likely misled in their healing, about themselves, when uninformed helpers trot out the fashionable codependent “diagnosis” for every victim/target/survivor. So glad you have differentiated and made this conversation available. Being led down blind alleys


The 3 Faces Of Evil Book Testimonials & Reviews

“The Three Faces of Evil: This is a book that belongs in the collection of every psychotherapist, health professional, student of psychology, and a must-read for anyone who has been the victim of abuse. It is a powerful text that will make a lasting contribution on narcissistic research with captivating new ideas for understanding the nature of narcissistic abuse.”

Professor Ivor Browne

Former Chief Psychiatrist of the Eastern Health Board, and Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at University College Dublin

The author explains narcissism very clearly. I found it useful to understand it’s very broad spectrum and how to identify the characteristics of this type of behaviour. I look forward to the author’s next book, which hopefully will help people who have been involved with narcissists how to recover healthily from relationships with such people.

Ewa (Verified Purchase by Amazon)

Christine’s book sets out in very clear language how to recognise Narcissistic behaviour, regardless of where you may meet it. I expect that any reader who suspects they may be a victim of Narcissistic abuse will have an AHA moment when they check through the nine diagnostic criteria for identifying NPD. I had, and now know what I am dealing with, which, while daunting is also a relief!

Margaret (Verified Purchase by Amazon)

A must for anyone trying to heal from narcissistic abuse. Informative and written in clear language that the layperson can understand. Also, helps understand the dynamics of narcissism and how to avoid falling into the trap again. Highly recommended.

C.T (Verified Purchase by Amazon)

Excellent, true Definition with Certain Human Behaviour. This book in my opinion should be send to every Court House of Law, Schools, Colleges, Police Stations, Hospitals, Job Centers, GP`S, Centers, Children`s Homes, Prisons, and Psychiatric Hospitals Worldwide. Many Thanks to Christine

Rod UK (Verified Purchase by Amazon)

“This book is both timely and important. It will help you to identify and understand these abusive people, which will allow you to protect yourself against them, at least at a personal level. For those involved in counselling the recipients of such abuse, the book will help you to understand the level of violent ill-treatment these people have encountered. The sheer mercilessness involved is otherwise hard to fathom because it is far beyond our everyday experience.”

Professor Clive R. Boddy

Professor of Leadership and Organisation Behaviour, Middlesex University, UK

Excellent resource.

Mrs. S. M. Sweeney (Verified Purchase by Amazon)

A very illuminating insight into understanding the behaviour of people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. A very well-written and easy to comprehend description of the 3 levels

of narcissistic behaviour by people, who display this unfortunate personality disorder. It explains how to recognise the signs and how to protect yourself from their destructive behaviour. These individuals are very much “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and can be very charming and plausible. It seems that if you get on the wrong side of these people and thwart their desires, they can turn on you and be very damaging to your emotional well-being in the milder cases, and even physically dangerous in the extreme psychopathic end of the spectrum.

Fortunately, I have only met people at the milder end of the spectrum and have always wondered where our friendship has gone wrong, only to realise that our relationship was doomed from the start. Unless, you are prepared to flatter them constantly and agree to their unreasonable demands, you really have to walk away from them with your well-being intact.

A very helpful guide from someone, who has had personal experience and has studied the condition from the perspective of a professional psychotherapist, and is an expert in this field.

Christine H (Verified Purchase by Amazon)

Testimonials For Christine’s Workshops/Seminars

“Although not a therapist, I felt extremely privileged to have been able to attend your workshop “Understanding the Web of Deception”. The Educational information in both your book and workshops is relatively new to me, and is of the most importance for me, to learn about the different personality types.


“My heartfelt gratitude to you for what was one of the best workshops I was ever at.”


“As a Therapist, I am now much better equipped to identify the traits in clients presenting who may be living in a narcissistic relationship.”


“I thought I knew so much, but was humbled by the information and presentation of this vital knowledge. A very professional and concise workshop totally presented and supported by a knowledgeable lady.”

Paul C.

“I am so happy to have been at this workshop. It was fantastic, I found it THE best course on this subject “ever”. As a therapist, I found the content so thoroughly researched and supported. The presentation was very professional, completely accepting and well balanced. I feel I have gained a whole new awareness of the levels of Narcissism and its consequences, and as a result, feel better equipped to facilitate my clients. I feel privileged and grateful to have been part of your workshop Christine…. Roll on the next one!”

Kate D.

“I to felt honoured and appreciated that I could attend the workshop. The workshop was awesome, and it confirmed my thinking.”


“This morning I having been reading the workshop manual. You make it so beautifully clear and easy to understand. This finally explains so many things for me which I have struggled to comprehend. Having engaged in my own therapy several times and then been still seemingly unable to positively affect certain important relationships in my life, this finally helps me to understand what I was likely up against. I regret that I had to experience so many losses before I found this information and understanding, but I am still here, and this gives me the best chance ever to be safer and happier in the rest of my life. My experiences also give me a clearer and deeper purpose to be there for others once I am satisfied with me own healing – I’m just about there I think.

Strangely enough, I felt quite grateful for the Storm disruption. It enabled me to notice how far I have come in the journey back to my old resilient self. A year ago making this trip alone would have been unthinkable for me and I feel so relieved to have my old “self” back, perhaps even a little stronger and wiser (I hope).

I should also add that, as well as excellent content, the feel of the workshop was really lovely. It was great to see the family support and involvement in your endeavour and I certainly felt very comfortable with everything while I was there. I felt very welcomed and cared for. Thank you for what you are doing, it is wonderful and, unfortunately, much needed. Look forward to seeing you again on the next workshop in January.”

Sara C.

“I found the workshop to be very helpful in beginning to understand the impact of Narcissism in the therapy room. At a recent IAHIP South East meeting your work in this area was highly commended and your workshop lived up to that.”

Ger K.